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Awesome to see that my -Take Control! song now has
540 votes
7,081 listens
Very Proud of myself for that :)
Thanks to everyone who helped and supported me...
Nice to see alot of you guys making great music now :)
I dont really use newgrounds anymore but here is my latest track... much better id say ;) bSoA


2009-01-23 03:03:57 by Dj-Rippa

Tonight one of my songs called "Take Control" has finally reached 700 downloads!! :D
I am very happy to see that... it also has 4,280 listens and 385 votes with a current score of 4.41/5...
sitting at 20th place out of 15,261 trance submissions :)
many people may not care two shits about this... haha but I was very pleased to see it :)
I haven't submitted in quite some time... but I would like my first submission of 2009 to be extraordinaire ;)
It's hard to make music lately... been busy with my girlfriend, work, Grade 12 and such :P
But I've been messing around alot and the next song that comes from me is gonna make ya movee ;)
Heading to Hawaii for 2 weeks on the 27th... hopefully I learn to surf... :D
Have a good one!
Music = Life ;)


2008-09-23 02:35:39 by Dj-Rippa

Just submitted -Hypnotic!
Been working on it for 4 days now.
Need all the help I can get for scores!
Got some brand new THX certified z-2300 speakers for my computer...
this song really hauls when I play it on them...
my whole house is shakin :O
Thanks to the fans for the great reviews and pm's...
always good to hear how im doing from you guys!


2008-06-09 00:18:07 by Dj-Rippa

Thought that I would make a Myspace
Need some help with what songs to put on the page!
Please help me out if you have a favorite :D
Trying to understand how to get the background on it done and everything...
I also made an account at TheSixtyOne
Check it out if you get a chance:D!!!
Thank you and if you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it!


2008-05-04 21:51:35 by Dj-Rippa

Chasing perfection in ones work is simply putting a limit on your future.
When you have an idea of perfect in your mind, you open up the door to constantly comparing with what you have now with what you want.
Do not chase perfection for it is non-existent... look for progress and realize that what you have now is excellent!



2008-04-06 03:58:02 by Dj-Rippa

Thank you for listening..
I hope you enjoy the few tracks I have on this page..
Its great to hear good feedback and I enjoy when people liked what they've heard..
but please dont zero vote without reason...
If you are planning to vote lower than the score already is I would rather you
leave a review or PM me about why you thought it deserved a lower score or what could possibly make the track better!
Sometimes I feel like leaving newgrounds from all the random zero votes I get.. there are many immature people on this site that have little respect for producing music!
But enough of that... Thanks to the people who give me good scores and feedback!
Its much appreciated :D!!!


2008-03-01 22:56:16 by Dj-Rippa

Too many demos... I need to actually finish my tracks instead of jumping to new projects all the time.. but I have too many new ideas lately.. i will do some mastering and editting crap later to themm when I have an artist block:P haha
Enjoy :D!!!


2008-02-18 03:26:17 by Dj-Rippa

Threw on a few new demos.. want to get them finished up reall quick.. need a lot of eq'ing and mastering so thatll take a bit.. Nebula changed alot from the demo.. i think for the better!
Hopefully these 2 get the same thing... Its time for some good music commin outta me :D!!!

The new page!

2008-01-20 20:37:02 by Dj-Rippa

Alright.. I know ppl said not to delete my older work.. but I had to!
I think its better now becuase I really didnt enjoy the tracks I got rid of..
Sry if anyone had a fav that is now gone :P
I now have a picture.. i guess ive had it for awhile :P haha
and I made a header :D
Enjoy the tunes everyone!

Should I delete my old work??

2007-12-13 03:13:43 by Dj-Rippa

Im thinking of deleting my older songs because I would rather just have more of my best work on here??
should I keep what helped me learn?... or move onn?
gimme some input