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2009-01-23 03:03:57 by Dj-Rippa

Tonight one of my songs called "Take Control" has finally reached 700 downloads!! :D
I am very happy to see that... it also has 4,280 listens and 385 votes with a current score of 4.41/5...
sitting at 20th place out of 15,261 trance submissions :)
many people may not care two shits about this... haha but I was very pleased to see it :)
I haven't submitted in quite some time... but I would like my first submission of 2009 to be extraordinaire ;)
It's hard to make music lately... been busy with my girlfriend, work, Grade 12 and such :P
But I've been messing around alot and the next song that comes from me is gonna make ya movee ;)
Heading to Hawaii for 2 weeks on the 27th... hopefully I learn to surf... :D
Have a good one!
Music = Life ;)


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2009-02-02 10:47:54

Sounds G00D man!
(this is my new accout my old one was JoedaFilmsta)
check ma music out again man, i know it is no way near as good as yours but check out and review, the one that you liked called trancefever i have edited in places and mastered, check em out and i hope you enjoy, i have been waiting a while for your music to come, i love it, as you know lol.

anywayz i hope ya like ma new name and have gr8 time in hawaii!!


2009-02-04 04:43:16

hey man yhow you doin bro i havnt herd from ya in a while just checkin up on ya playa im definately diggen your new beats man!



2009-04-11 19:23:11

Git some tunes happnin dude!


2009-07-28 02:38:07

dont care bout no one bro you continue with these awsome songs........been a long time since i was here........well now im back with a new mix of nowhere near..........check it out


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