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2008-06-09 00:18:07 by Dj-Rippa

Thought that I would make a Myspace
Need some help with what songs to put on the page!
Please help me out if you have a favorite :D
Trying to understand how to get the background on it done and everything...
I also made an account at TheSixtyOne
Check it out if you get a chance:D!!!
Thank you and if you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it!


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2008-08-10 09:15:16

yo man=D i just made a myspace to =D ill add you to friends now ;-D and btw'z i have to add, i LOVE your new song, total awesomness! and dude, can you please tell me where to get that vocal /puppyeyes <--------- extra big ones!

peace man!


Dj-Rippa responds:

Thanks man.. i appreciate it!
I sent you how to get the vocals in a message.. good luck and I will look into the myspace thing